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Buy best home theater system with wide verities of qualities from HD Zone from our showroom.  It is provided with latest surrounder system  with best quality.

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HD Zone  home theater presents you  high digitalized surround speaker  which attracts the attention of people.  HD  Zone transfers you to  the movie theater of real cinema  with high quality surround system


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Home Theatre Seating |HD ZONE

October 24, 2016
Seating is something that many new home theatre owners overlook. Sure, you can make do with any furniture you may have at home from the couch in the living room or your bed to the lawn chairs from your backyard. However, the quality of the seating in your home theatre can considerably improve your viewing experience. While in most aspects of the home theatre we aim at movie-house like quality, seating is something in which you can do much better than a movie house. The foldable chairs found in theatres are the cheapest option you have if you are going for a professional choice. It is economic both financially and specially. They usually have frames made of metal, or a combination of metal and wood, and have leather or microfiber upholstery. If you are planning to invite a lot of people over to watch movies with you, this might be your best choice of seating. But if you are a more private person and wish to keep your home theatre for the family, you can get loungers. They are very comfortable theatre seats with footrest and reclining action. If you plan to get tactile transducers for your theatre seats, loungers will be a better option than regular theatre seats. Some loungers even offer built-in wireless Bass Shaker. Many of the reclining chairs come with mini theatre tables. Others will have cup holders built into the arms. You can also get chairs with adjustable headrest and remote baskets built into the armrest.There are so many variations of reclining chairs available in the market you are sure to find something that grabs your interest. You can have a set with steel cup holders embedded in the arms, or a set that comes with storage space in the armrest, or seats aesthetically lined with LED lights, which can be very helpful in the dark. You can even get seats with the logo of your favourite sports team stitched into the backrest. You might find that club chairs suit your taste better. Reclining chairs with cup holders are available in many models. Although sheep leather upholstery is considered the authentic choice for club chairs, you can find club chairs covered with materials such as velvet. Some of the high-end models of theatre seating incorporate removable table-tops. So you can comfortably have your dinner while watching your favourite movie. Another sort of seating that you might find the best option for your home theatre is cuddle couch. It often comes with a removable swivel tray and you can comfortably cuddle with your loved one. You can also get a chaise extension for some models of cuddle couch. You can either get individual recliners or those that come in sets of three or four seating, in a straight row or curve. You may also want to consider sofas that can seat three or four people comfortably. There are so many options for the upholstery and many companies making personalised furniture for home theatres. So you can

Home theaters in Trivandrum

October 7, 2016
Home theaters try to create the experience of a movie theater in your own home. They usually use either a video projector or a large flat-screen TV along with devices such as DVD players or Blu-ray players and surround sound speakers.A Home Theater PC often takes the role of the main library using a media centre app. For better sound effect, at least one sub woofer is used which helps to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies. Special attention is paid to the comfort inside the theater, such as the sort of seating used. HD zone home theaters in Trivandrum Setting up a home theater can be an exacting task with numerous factors to be taken into account to create the desired effects in video, sound and ambience. HD zone is one of the leading home theater suppliers in Kerala, which provides home theaters with high digitalised surround speakers.Acoustic consultancies will work with you giving you professional advice and making your task lighter. The acoustic environment has a large impact on the home theater experience. If you do not give enough attention to the acoustics, you can spend a fortune and still end up with muddled sounds and echoes. One of the major factors that influence the sound effect is the placement of speakers. The relative positions of the seating, display and speakers are very important. The most common choice of home theaters is a five-speaker set up in which speakers are placed front-left, front-right, right at the centre – above or below the screen, and the surround speakers or rear speakers placed opposite to the front speakers.The dialogues are usually heard from the central speaker, but the front speakers create the impression that people at the right and left of the screen are speaking from those positions. The surround speakers deliver the environmental sounds. The only speaker, the position of which you need not concern too much with is the sub woofer. It is omni directional as long as you do not place it in a corner or in an enclosed space. HD zone home theatres in Trivandrum which provides home theater services and sound absorption treatment. The amount of sound absorption your room requires will depend on factors such as the sound source used,  the size of the room, the ceiling height, the furnishings in the room and the kind of material used for the walls, floor and ceiling. The sound absorber you choose will also be a determining factor as the Noise Reduction Coefficient of various sound absorbers differs. Just as the amount of sound absorber used, the placement of sound absorbers is also important. The sound energy gets reflected by hard and smooth surfaces such as hardwood floors, windows and drywall. This affects the clarity of the sound as the reflected sounds reach the movie watchers later than the sound from the speakers. So when you use sound absorption materials, it is essential to locate the reflection points. The location of the sound absorptive panels is crucial in

Onkyo TX-NR3030 Dolby Atmos AV Receiver

June 27, 2015
The TX-NR3030 is a high-end 11.2-channel AV receiver equipped with Dolby Atmos, the revolutionary new audio format that literally adds another dimension to movies. Its multi-directional surround sound not only places effects around you but also above you, using extra ‘height’ speakers dotted around the room or installed in the ceiling. With all the major studios embracing the format and Atmos soundtracks already appearing on Blu-ray releases, it’s shaping up to be a real game-changer. The TX-NR3030 is currently the world’s only 11.2-channel receiver with Dolby Atmos, giving it the versatility to support a wide range of speaker layouts (which we’ll explain later). But of course Atmos is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an astonishing amount of other features and cutting-edge tech crammed into this big black box, making it a powerful epicenter for all your home entertainment needs. With 11.2-channels of Onkyo power and the world’s most advanced A/V processing, the TX-NR3030 serves up revolutionary Dolby Atmos® surround-sound complete with liquid 4K video at 60 frames per second. Add in-ceiling speakers to augment a 5.2, 7.2, or 9.2 surround setup to unlock the full potential of this game-changing format, which creates a plane of sound over the listener’s head. As well as more accurately locating surround effects mixed for discrete channels, Dolby Atmos moves the sound around your theater more realistically to place you in the center of the action. Connectivity extends from HDCP 2.2-ready HDMI® through to balanced XLR pre-outs, while onboard Wi-Fi® supplies your home cinema with hi-res music via NAS/PC and limitless streaming from your smartphone. Onkyo has engineered the TX-NR3030 from faceplate to speaker posts for audiophile performance, with three transformers, separate amp and processing blocks, and seven top-of-the-line 32-bit Burr-Brown D/A converters. Whether used as a hub for housewide HD audio and video, or as the heart of a Dolby Atmos-powered home cinema, the TX-NR3030 rewards with an emotionally uplifting performance every time. Onkyo TX-NR3030 AV receiver is now available in Cochin HD ZONE for live demo.

Epson LS10000 Laser Projector

May 28, 2015
  A 3LCD Reflective laser home theater projector featuring 4K Enhancement in HD Zone Kerala. The Epson elite Pro Cinema LS10000 home theater projector combines revolutionary 3LCD Reflective laser projection and 4K Enhancement Technology for the ultimate movie theater experience. Immerse yourself in stunning, crystal-clear images with unbelievable detail, even close to the screen. Offering 1500 lumens of color brightness and 1500 lumens of white brightness1, the LS10000 also boasts an unprecedented Absolute Black contrast ratio, wider color gamut, richer colors and smoother gradations. Full HD 1080p and 4K content come alive in amazing 2D and 3D with Super Resolution and frame interpolation technologies. ISF® calibration tools ensure color accuracy. And, installation is easier and more flexible than ever. For more details and installation for Epson LS10000 Laser Projector contact HD Zone Cochin. Call Us 9037099116